Long Range Spotting Scopes: The Definitive Guide

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Long Range Spotting Scope is a marvelous thing to have when you are in need of enhanced vision.
In fact, it is an absolute must for outdoor activities such as hunting and target shooting.

If you plan to do something alike, then you'd better get yourself ​the best spotting scope for target shooting .No need to get yourself worked up even if you have no idea about long-range spotting scope.

In this piece, you are gonna learn about the long-range spotting scope, its usage, and what determinants you need to count before buying one.

So, let’s get down to the business.

What Is Long Range Spotting Scopes?

Airsoft Spotting Scopes are one kind of telescope, although much smaller and less powerful, with which you can observe terrestrial objects.
Now, long-range spotting scopes are a bit different than regular spotting scopes.

For the beginning, they have a higher magnification power and sizeable objective lens than the compact spotting scopes.

Secondly, they are usually used in conjunction with a tripod.Though expensive as hell, they are worth every penny.

Where To Use Long Range Spotting Scopes?

​Generally, long-range spotting scopes are used by people whose job or passion requires higher magnification and optimal image quality.

​​​Bird Watching


​​Wildlife Observation

​​Target Shooting

Why use Long Range Spotting Scopes?

While compact spotting scopes are great for hunting and other stuff, sometimes they aren’t just good enough.
Let’s say; you are target practicing from 300 yards.

Now, with a compact spotting scope (whose magnification range is 15-40x) you won’t even manage to differentiate between a smudge and a bullet hole let alone seeing the exact details,

Anything beyond 200 yards and you will need a long-range spotting scope with 80mm objective lens and 20-80x magnifications range.

Things That You Must Consider For a Long-Range Spotting Scope

Now, if you are thinking about buying a world-class long range spotting range, random shopping won’t help.

Crucial aspects of the optic must be taken into consideration. Here I have jotted down some important factors to help you make an informed decision.


Two variations of spotting scopes are available in the market; straight body and angled body.Now both are able to perform exemplarily in different situations.

But when it comes to long-range spotting scopes, the angled version has the edge.

That’s because angled ones require minimum movement to see the objects, while straight ones force you to leave your position. 

Yet still, in the matter of design, all boils down to personal preferences.

So, go for the one that you feel most comfortable with.


​When it comes to objective lens, both quantity and quality are fundamental.

Nothing less than 80mm is acceptable for an objective lens of long-range spotting scopes. Though the size of the objective lens is highly important, the quality of the glass is non-negotiable.

The performance of the scope hinges upon the quality of the glass, more so, at higher magnifications.

 Hence pick a spotting scope that consists of high-performance glass such as ED glass and Fluorite glass.

Glass Coatings

Coatings increase light transmission which is crucial to the success of high magnification equipment such as spotting scope.

Glass coatings come in several varieties; coated, fully coated, multi-coated, and fully multi-coated.

So, which one is best for you?

The answer is simple, fully multi-coated; since it reduces light reflection the most.

Needless to say, you’d do well to choose a scope with fully multi-coated glass.


It’s pretty evident that long-range spotting scopes will need higher magnifications than any run-of-the-mill optic.

Now the magnification you need depends on the distance you are going to watch your target from.

Suppose, the object is 300 yards from you, then a spotting scope with 20-60x magnifications should be good enough.

However, if the distance goes beyond that, then a spotting scope with 20-80x magnifications will be required.

Keep in mind that the atmosphere will also have a say on how much magnification you can use.

For instance, if there is air current, glare or heat waves during the day, then the image quality will experience a significant drop. More importantly, the higher the magnification, the more drastic the decline in picture quality.

Therefore, you will find yourself unable to operate at full magnification more often than not.

Eye Relief

Eye relief is particularly important to those people who wear glasses.

 In order to see the entire field of view comfortably with spectacles, you’d need a minimum of 14mm of eye relief. Perhaps more, if the lenses in the eyeglasses are very thick.


With the large objective lens, the long-range spotting scope is bound to be a tad heavy.

A tripod will come in handy to place the spotting scope while in action.

Tripod Systems

The size and nature of the spotting scope will dictate the type of tripod system you employ.

Now, there are three types of tripod systems; table top, compact, and full size.

  • 1
    ​Tabletop tripods are the smallest ones. Though ideal for sitting positions, they aren’t strong enough to stabilize the long-range spotting scopes.
  • 2
    ​Compact tripods are longer than previous one and are a popular choice among hunters and hikers. They are best suited to spotting scopes consisting of 70mm objective lenses.
  • 3
    ​Full-size tripods are the longest ones and perfect for long range scopes. However, you need to give particular care to the quality. Otherwise, they might prove unable to handle the weight.


While straight models feature a fixed eyepiece, the angled versions usually come with interchangeable eyepieces.

Overall Quality

Such expensive purchase can’t be made by just looking at one aspect of the equipment.

The overall quality of the device must be taken into consideration while you make the decision.

Take some time to go through every aspect carefully. After all, you are making quite a large investment, and you want long-term dividends.

To sum up, the Airsoft spotting scope is the ally that you can always count on irrespective of whether you are hunting, range shooting or just watching birds.

So, do yourself a favor and get a long-range spotting scope of supreme quality for yourself.

But how are you gonna find out if the product is up to the required standard?

Simple! By checking out the aspects that I have told you about. Ha-ha!

Hope you do well. Cheerio!

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