While playing Airsoft, every second, you will be looking for your enemies, and remember they will look for you too. In these crucial moments of your game, the last thing you would want to worry about is your airsoft rifle.

Airsoft sniper is the most important role in airsoft games. To be the best sniper in airsoft games, what it needs is stealth and patience. Certainly, without the right sniper rifle, you will be unable to outrange your opponents.

This article will be assisting you with 10 best airsoft sniper rifle reviews with a guide to getting your gun.

The Best Airsoft Sniper Rifle Review - Find The Perfect One For You!

As mentioned earlier, you need to have the best to keep the game on. Regardless of your budget and preference, you will find the right one from the list below.

Hunters Choice : Top 5 Airsoft Sniper Rifles –

1. BBTac Airsoft Sniper Rifle M62

If you are a bit new in sniping and started fresh playing as a sniper in airsoft games, BBTac M62 would be the best airsoft rifle for you. It is a little hard for beginners to learn the fun of the hobby if they start with a subpar product.

Also, it will be a bad idea to jump straight into the highest range product spending the maximum at this level. The M62 Sniper Rifle hits the sweet point between quality and price range. It is not too expensive but satisfies the high-quality criteria.

The screws come packed with the stock. So, you will be able to assemble the sniper rifle by yourself whenever you want. And it is great fun to do so.

Now, the bolt action of this rifle is pretty impressive, which loads and releases six-millimeter BB on shooting and gives a real feeling to the player. The clip helps to reload fast and easily so that you can turn around quickly into the game.

When you pull the trigger, it shoots the BB at speeds up to 450 feet per second. Yes, that’s a pretty good speed.

The BBTac comes with a scope. But if you are a bit picky, it will be better for you to upgrade the scope before too long. The ABS plastic material made this rifle lightweight. You can adjust the cheek rest with a preferable height. There are also spacers to adjust the length of pull.


• Powerful enough
• Good accuracy
• Lightweight
• Easier to handle


  • Can break in high pressure

2. Evike- CYMA VSR- 10 Airsoft Sniper Rifle

Airsoft players crave range and accuracy. No matter what, they don’t want to compromise with these two features. CYMA VSR-10 is the right choice for those airsoft players.

For every shot, the bolt action loads the spring and makes the next BB ready to hit your target. Every clip carries 55 six-millimeter BBs, and this rifle will load them without jamming.

The barrel of VSR-10 is made of quality aluminum, and the accuracy it holds is almost unmatched. Even if your target is 100 yards away, you will be able to chase it down with great accuracy.

Plus, the high velocity with .20-gram BBs is another feature that makes this airsoft sniper rifle most desirable. Airsofters recommend choosing the highest .45-gram and the lowest 25-gram BBs while playing. Even though they will be a bit slow, they will hit the target accurately.

The adjustable hop-up is compatible with BAR-10. As the trigger and spring are also adjustable, you can easily customize your rifle with upgraded kits. But, let me tell you, you won’t upgrade unless it is really necessary as the parts are already of a good standard.

Unfortunately, the VSR-10 airsoft sniper rifle comes with neither a scope nor a bi-pod. But you can buy it separately and adjust it with the scope rail when assembled. Overall, it is a good choice for the value of money.


• Quality triggers
• Precision made barrel
• Heavy-duty metal
• Upgrade adjustable
• Great muzzle velocity


• Doesn’t come with a scope
• Adjustment needed

3. Well MB4411G Bolt – Spring Sniper Rifle

Not everyone loves soft and easy, some of them are hard and tough lovers. If you are one of them, you will love Well MB4411G Bolt Action Sniper Rifle. For rough and hard airsoft games, the rifle won’t disappoint you at all.

It has got an L96 fluted outer barrel for a better look and performance. The polymer-built rifle comes with a quad rail. That will assist you in carrying tactical accessories like bi-pod or laser.

The MB4411G has got a sturdy body made of polymer and also provided front and rear metal sling point, which is very durable. Rapid magazine swap would not be an issue as there is a paddle magazine release to do so.

Users can feel the comfort at a maximum level while holding the gun and waiting for the target. That is because of the firm and ergonomic grip this rifle offers. You can’t ignore the necessity of this comfort while being a sniper of your airsoft team.

Another good feature of this rifle is the foldable parts. The adjustable cheek riser will provide maximum comfort while shooting from a long distance. Its magazine can hold 30 rounds of BBs, and the weight of the stock 9 lbs. The length of this product is 47.25″.


• Ergonomic grip
• Strong built
• Foldable
• Adjustable cheek rest
• Quad rail system


• Little heavy for smaller players
• Needs upgrade after a while

4. GameFace 520004 Bolt Action Airsoft Rifle- GF529

Lightweight, black, and smooth finishing. Yes, it’s the Crossman Elite GF529 sniper carbine. This airsoft sniper rifle is spring-powered and capable of making shots from long distances.

It comes with a speed loader, which you will be able to use to load the magazine pretty quickly. The 29-round magazine will not be too heavy, and it fits smoothly. A cleaning rod is also included with the package so that the user can clean the jamming easily.

The material of this rifle is synthetic and is precision-built. It is not only durable but also powerful in performance. The player will be able to shoot 6 mm airsoft BBs at the highest speed of 400 feet per second.

A one-piece precision metal barrel will help the long-range shooting. So, if played with a proper plan, you will nail it for sure. The players from the other team will regret it.

Having a spring power bolt, this rifle hits the desirable standard for airsoft gamers. Synthetic stock and rubber pad make it lightweight. It’s equipped with a sling and sling mount, which makes it handy.

The airsoft rifle comes in only one size, and the size is not too long. It’s easier for you to hide from your enemy. Finally, it’s a great deal with the price value it offers.


• Lightweight
• Durable
• Small in size
• Spring bolt
• Adjustable hop-up
• User friendly


• Doesn’t come with a scope
• Not so realistic

5. Well ASR MB06 SR-2 – Sniper Rifle

Maruzen Sniper Rifle is very successful and is popular among many people around the world. Maybe, you are a fan too. The rifle is a good copy of the Maruzen Sniper Rifle.

By the look, this one got a combination of a sniper rifle and assault rifle, which seemed pretty cool to me. The M4 pistol grip will provide you a warm ergonomic grip when you hold it.

As the rifle was made almost all of it from plastic, it is very lightweight and easy to carry from one position to another. The retractable buttstock has made this gun nicely compact.

Spring bolt action has made the gun smooth enough. The structure of the gun was made of solid polymer and metal, which makes the body durable and strong. You will like the retractable LE stock that comes with this package.

The picatinny rail above the bolt and the bottom of the rifle is ready to take accessories like scope or bi-pod.

This product has got a muzzle velocity of 450 FPS maximum, and the magazine can hold up to 27 rounds at a time. The package includes the gun, one magazine, one BB loader, and a sling.

Furthermore, this bolt action semi rifle is safe and user-friendly while firing from a distance. For any airsofter, accuracy and range are a big deal. Well, SR-2 will not disappoint you on that point, I can tell you that.


• Durable material
• Efficient scope
• Excellent accuracy and range
• Lightweight
• User-friendly


• Unadjusted bi-pod can be a little loose
• No room for night vision

6. BBTac BT59 Airsoft Sniper Rifle

The airsoft sniper rifle I am going to talk about now is BT59 from BBTac. This rifle is a copy of the famous AWP L96 rifle we can see in popular video games.

Up to 25 rounds of BBs can take place in the magazine that comes with the gun. The package also includes a sling to carry the gun, a 3x scope to spot the enemy, and a bi-pod for nice accurate shots. These features are desirable to any airsofter who plays with passion.

It has got rails both at the top for the scope and bottom for the bi-pod attachments. The muzzle velocity of this rifle is 400 feet per second with 0.20 BBs and 350 feet per second with 0.25 BBs.

You will not need batteries or gas to operate this gun. Just cock each time, and shoot when you play as a sniper of your airsoft team. Spring bolt action will satisfy your actions and will help you to play smoothly without any interruption.

The body construction is strong and durable as it is made of ABS plastic. Also, the adjustable hop has a lucrative design and is safe to use at any time.

Now, the trigger, barrel, and bolt are made of metal, and the rest of the body is made of plastic. So, the weight will not be too much even though this is a heavy-duty gun.


• Smooth bolt action
• Excellent scope
• Durable
• Strong bipod
• Great value with price


• Upgrade can be a little expensive
• Scope mount is not strong

7. AGM L96 Bolt Action Spring Sniper Rifle

So, you are playing airsoft in your backyard or in the airsoft field. The opposite team has no idea where you are. You are holding an approximately 44 inches long spring bolt airsoft sniper rifle. If it is AGM L96, you have got good ammo in your hand.

The body of this rifle is made of high-quality polymer, and the outer barrel is built from standard aluminum. That makes the rifle not too heavy but very durable. If you are one of the airsofters who love sturdy ammo, this one is for you, buddy.

AGM L96 has a muzzle velocity of 450 feet per second with 0.20 BBs, which will satisfy the user with great performance. It has got a magazine that can hold up to 24 rounds of BBs. Also, the package comes with a speed loader to make you happy.

You will also get a sling that will help you to carry it on your back. There will be a cleaning rod as well. So, whenever you need to clean up the jam, you will be able to do it easily.

The adjustment can be made with ease, and upgrading with accessories will give you more fun playing with it. And it is worthwhile to invest in upgrading this amazing airsoft sniper rifle.

Suppose you are not an adult; better not try to use this rifle right now. Wait for the time, and you can play with it then.


• Durable and strong
• Great velocity
• Comes with a speed loader, sling, and cleaning rod
• Safe to use
• Bolt action spring


8. BBTac Wellfire APS SR-2 Modular Airsoft Sniper Rifle

This spring-powered bolt action gun is a great choice for those who have started playing as a sniper in airsoft games recently and still discovering the fun of sniping in airsoft.

It is very easy to handle and fun to shoot from a distance with this gun as the bolt is too easy to operate. Wellfire APS SR-2 comes with a full metal barrel to ensure accurate shooting from a distance, and it lasts really long.

Most of the body is made of synthetic materials and carries an outstanding look with creative design. Due to the material used, it is quite lightweight, and that helps the sniper to take a position with great comfort and hit the target accurately.

It has got a fine pistol grip to ensure a firm hold and natural feeling. The bipod that comes with the gun is adjustable, removable, and very handy to use. It helps the player to stand the rifle firmly and take steady shots.

This airsoft sniper is foldable and easy to carry to different positions. So, you can keep moving with caution and hunt the enemies down by hitting sharp.

The package comes with a 3-9x 32 zooming scope which helps to get a clear view of your target. You can easily adjust the zoom and get an accurate shot with it. A metal scope mount is provided to attach the scope properly.


• Powerful spring
• Ergonomic pistol grip
• Durable material
• Picatinny rail
• Great scope


• Little Expensive but worthwhile
• Not for heavy use

9. AGM mp001 Airsoft Sniper Rifle

This is one of the scariest airsoft sniper rifles available on the market. It has got bolt action, which helps smooth shooting, and can scare the opponent combats very easily. No gas or battery will be needed to perform with this rifle.

The accuracy this rifle ensures is pretty impressive. It can shoot 420-450 feet per second with 0.20g BBs, which is good muzzle velocity for an airsoft sniper rifle.

It has got a metal rail on the top, and this will be useful to mount the scope on it. Though bi-pod and scope don’t come with the package, you can get it easily from the market and adjust with your airsoft sniper rifle. It is better to get 3-9x zoom battle scopes to upgrade the gun.

The magazine can hold up to 33 rounds of BBs, and you can find plenty of spare mags on the market. BBs recommended are mostly 6mm 0.25g or something heavier to hit with accuracy.

Also, the material used to build this rifle was metal and aluminum, if we talk about core construction. The one-piece aluminum barrel is designed to make sure that you can hit your target pretty accurately. Moreover, the adjustable hop-up adds extra confidence in range and accuracy.

This package includes a strap, magazine, BB speed loader, and a fine bolt action rifle. The price is worth spending for a rifle like this one.


• Not too heavy
• Durability
• Accurate shots
• Satisfactory muzzle velocity
• Fine bolt action


• Clip misfeeds sometimes
• Additional kits needed

10. Double Eagle Field Marksman Bolt Action Airsoft Sniper Rifle

We are closing our reviews with one of the leading airsoft sniper rifles – the Double Eagle Field Marksman. This is the ultimate blend of price and value perceived. It has one of the most desirable structures on the market.

Durability is really important when we talk about airsoft sniper rifles. The metal barrel, bolt, and trigger altogether create a very durable and sturdy airsoft gun. ABS polymer was used to build the rest of the body. So, it will not be that heavy even though it contains metal parts.

Great performance with great muzzle velocity is attractive. This rifle has 400-420 feet per second shooting speed with .20g BBs, which is pretty good for airsoft sniping. You will be able to adjust the length of pull and comb height according to the best fit for your body.

The front rail mount will help you to attach the bipod and stand the rifle firmly against the target. Other accessories can be mounted as well with the rail mount.

You will love the adjustable hop-up system as it’s quite user-friendly. The airsoft sniper rifle is 44 inches long and will enable you to shoot from a distance with accuracy.

There are numerous options to upgrade and adjust the rifle. You will be able to customize your airsoft ammo the way you want.


• Durable
• Metal barrel, bolt, and trigger
• Adjustable hop-up
• Modifiable pull and comb height
• Upgradable


• Magazine could be more durable
• Not for heavy use

What to Look for Before You Buy?

Although the rifle is for fun and playtime, you have to spend a considerable amount of money to get one of these. To make sure you have the right equipment in your hand to tackle combat difficulties, these are the things that require special attention before you buy the sniper airsoft rifle.

Before you choose your airsoft sniper rifle, you must figure out where you are going to play. Is it the backyard of your house or your friends’? Or are you going to play in a big, specialized airsoft field?
This is important to know because the range of the rifle varies, and you will not be allowed to play in some places if you have a higher FPS than the limit of that place. It will be upsetting if you can not play just because you have more FPS featured in your airsoft rifle.

Firing Rate
Usually, a sniper requires a gun that can fire .28g BBs or heavier than that at the speed of 200 feet per second. But the airsoft sniper rifles available on the market fire BBs at 400-450 fps, which is better. So, make sure your unit is able to deliver speed within the range.

User Friendly
It is better for you to carry a weapon that is very user-friendly. The easier it is to carry, set up, and adjust, the smoother the game you will be able to run. Especially if you are among the beginners who started sniping recently, user-friendly rifles will back you up.

Body Type
Your body type or structure plays a role while choosing the right weapon. It matters how comfortably you can hold the gun and shoot. The weight and design must comply with your body type and fitness.

You must also know which position you are going to play. Playing as a support gunner or designated marksman doesn’t hold the same responsibility in airsoft sports. As this is a review of sniper rifles, I assume you are playing as a sniper in your team.
Snipers would want rifles that make less noise and hits accurately from a distance. So, look for a weapon with good range and high FPS velocity.

Material and Weight
You must consider the material because that ensures durability and makes the airsoft rifle sturdy. Mostly, these rifles are made of metal and polymer. The parts made of metal make the rifle a little heavier.
Some players may like heavier guns for stability, or some may like lightweight rifles for a comfortable move. It is your choice. So, think before you buy your one.

Hop-Up Feature
The hop-up is an important part that enables the BBs to backspin. It helps to counteract the pull of gravity and make the BBs able to reach higher distances. For airsoft sniping, it is really important because the sniper always looks for chances to spot his target. Even if that target is a bit far away.

You already know why the range is so important in airsoft sniping. It is the beauty of sniping that you can hunt and hit your enemies from a distance and win the game tactically.
The range of the gun depends on various factors such as bolt or gas action, hop-up style, size of BBs, power of the gun, position, and so on. Try to get an airsoft rifle that can cover a good range, and that will help you a lot.

Spotting, and then keeping an eye on your enemies, and finally hitting them with fine accuracy depend a lot on your scope. Some airsoft rifles come with a scope, some don’t.
Not to worry, you can get it separate from the market and upgrade your ammo the way you want. Different scopes come with different zooming features and prices. Figure out which one fits you the best.

Spring or Gas
The rifle can have either a spring or gas mechanism. Spring-powered sniper rifles are the bolt action rifles on the market. Although bolt action rifles take a little more time to act, these don’t require battery or gas.
Gas or battery action rifles don’t slow down the shooter but can cause tank depressurization or battery discharge which can interrupt the game. So, you must decide whether you will go for a gas and battery mechanism or bolt action mechanism, which means the gun needs to be cocked each time you want to shoot.

Well, a good product comes with a good price. Though the airsoft sniper rifles don’t cost much, you may have to spend more if you want to upgrade them with accessories. It’s better to be a little forgiving if you want to get a powerful weapon.
But you can compare the prices of different products and get the airsoft sniper rifle that fits your budget. There are plenty of options available on the market.

Some weapons are upgradeable, some are not. For better performance, you might want to upgrade with features and accessories. Make sure that you have provision for it.
It is also a matter of concern that whether the airsoft rifle you carry is worth an upgrade or not. You might not want to spend more on something you don’t want anymore to play with.

Some Words of Cautions

No doubt airsoft games are fun. But you must be careful about some important issues.

• Wear Protective Eyewear
Airsoft pallets can cause injury to your eyes if you don’t wear protection. The strike of the pallets in your eyes can cause scratches, lens dislocation, bleeding, even blindness. Protective eyewear can save you from that.
The same goes for the other side when your opponent is not wearing eyewear. Try not to shoot them in their eyes. It can cause them severe damage.

• Never Skimp on Protective Clothing
If the pallet hits your body, you may see welts on the skin, and yes, they sting. It is better to get protective clothing and necessary gear to be on the safe side. Why endure pain if you can have fun only? The range plays a vital role in how far the pallets can cause damage. So, think before you shoot.

• Don’t Remove the Orange Tip
Though the orange tip looks funny to some airsofters, it is there to distinguish between airsoft and a real gun. As they look so similar, you can easily be mistaken by your neighbors and also by the law enforcement agents about what you are carrying. So, do not remove that tip for your safety.

Be Wary of the Regulations
Make sure you are within the limit while considering your speed of shooting. Not all the fields in all states are the same. They have got different limits of FPS while playing airsoft. Check before you join any of them.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the age limit?

It varies. Most of the places have got an age limit of 11 or 12 years minimum to play.

  • What are the types of airsoft guns?

These guns can be spring-powered (bolt action), electric airsoft guns (AEG), and gas airsoft guns.

  • How to be a good sniper?

First of all, don’t jump straight into being a sniper if you have started playing airsoft recently. Gather experiences; take time. A sniper must have patience, stealth, and brilliant observation skills.

  • Is 450 FPS good for airsoft snipers?

A real sniper looks for opponents who are 60-65 feet away from them, and most of the fields will have a limit to 450-500 fps with 0.2g BBs. It is good FPS, but check the speed limits where you want to play.

  • Do airsoft guns cause injuries?

It depends on what protective gear the opponent is wearing and the distance you are shooting from.

  • What should I wear while playing airsoft?

Protective eyewear is a must when you play airsoft. Otherwise, pallets can cause severe damages to your eyes. Other gears like protective wear and kits can also help.

Final Words

By now, you have got a complete idea about airsoft sniping and airsoft sniper rifles. With all these facts, features, and comparisons, you will easily figure out the best airsoft sniper rifle that fits your personality. Have great fun playing and play with caution.

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