Airsoft is a worldwide famous competitive sport with recreational, heavy-duty, and heart-to-heart combat scenarios. It’s all fun, but playing airsoft combats without carrying the best airsoft goggles for your eyes can be a grave mistake.

I guess you have done the pellets’ maths, and you wouldn’t want a traveling pellet hit your eyes at 300 ft per second.

So, if you are dead serious about airsoft gameplay, you can’t escape the basics that enhance safety; especially, you will need the right eyewear for your eyes, come rain or shine.

But the regular goggles won’t give you the desired safety and vision. Regarding that, I have got the right airsoft goggles for you.

Investing in protective airsoft gear is like depositing protection for you and your body. Speaking pair of eyes, they are immensely vulnerable. Here I have picked the goggles based on security, durability, and sturdiness while studying expert reviews as well. Well, let’s check them out.

Hunter’s Picks For The Best Airsoft Goggles

Why Should You Use Airsoft Goggles?

Well, before I brief, let me ask you a question. Do you wish to lose your eyes, go blind, walk blindly with sticks? Huh? I bet you don’t want any of these troubles. And that’s what goggles are meant to do; protect your eyes from intense combats in airsoft gaming.

Protection from Flying Pellet’s

The airsoft guns’ pellets fly as quick as a flash that you can’t even notice them sometimes. What happens if your eyes get accidentally struck?

Players wear goggles during the whole competition and even for casual matches. It doesn’t matter where your game at – it can be your backyard, venue, stadium, or elsewhere.

Protection from Airsoft & Real Guns

Besides, people who are always busy with airsoft guns, the real guns, also wear goggles for frantic safety. If you are one of them and playing with the weapons alone, possibilities are always there to get shot in the eye; even due to rebound and backfire.

Versatile Usage

Moreover, people who are very sporty kind, they like to run a lot here and there in sports. In that case, goggles are destined to protect the eyes from getting stroke due to very tiny things like flying flea, dirt, or even a smaller object and so forth.

All in all, the goggles are your life savior whether you are playing, swimming, running, doing heavy-duty works, researching in the laboratory. You never know when the situation will become like a risk of life and limb.

Tested: 7 Best Airsoft Goggles Review For Accuracy And Comfort

1. Pyramex V2G Plus Airsoft Safety Goggles

A pair of safety goggles must protect you from disastrous situations and save your vision. That’s what Pyramex V2G stands for. These safety goggles for airsoft really stand out in the protecting game with their high-end features.

In fact, I can say that this goggle is just yet another small but one of the big shots at a fair price. Coming in low profile, it can save your eyes from chemical splashes, dust particles, winds, sun glare, and most of the UVA/UVB/UVC rays that directly hit the eyes in summer and other times.

Though this unit gives a 180-degree field of view, the vision is impeccable, and you’ll see just as clear as it is without those glasses.

For an upgraded vision capability, this eye-wear is layered with an outer polycarbonate lens to resist environmental hassles, whereas the inner lens feature anti-fog protection.

To make sure excellent comfortability, the goggles feature a promising system of ventilation. This ventilation lets your eyes know that they aren’t going to suffocate, rather and stay healthy with standard airflow.

The strap on these Pyramex Goggles is genuinely adjustable, elastic and ensures a healthy fit with breathing spaces on any head size.

Furthermore, the frame material evenly tackles the conditions for those who love to ride in cold and hot situations or play airsoft in these conditions. Being made from thermoplastic polyurethane, this unit does an excellent job while resisting both cold and heat.

Lastly, the goggles truly add a stylish hue to your look. If you are playing airsoft with your friends and other thick as thieves, then voila; you can think of yourself as wearing the most stylish goggles.


• No chances of scratch
• Prevent UV rays in multiple degrees
• Assured anti-fog safety
• Included adjustable elastic strap for a secure fit
• Ensures a clear field of view


• There’s no written protections about the sides and corners

2. Lancer Tactical Ca-221B Safety Airsoft Goggles

If you’re on a tight budget but want to settle down with the best airsoft goggles, this Lancer Tactical airsoft goggles undoubtedly stand a chance. It comes from high ends with an affordable budget segment.

This piece of safety goggles has been jumping on the bandwagon nowadays as the other goggles are following up with full-proof protections. The Lancer hoards lens is made of requisite polycarbonate to give a better-looking view and enhance a callous body as well.

The polycarbonate lens is too tough to be broken; even firing with M4 .28 BBs at 440 fps velocity speed is no issue at all for the lens. It can stand up head high. Wish to take a chance? I would take it if I were you.

Anyway, like the Pyramex VG2, the frame of these airsoft goggles has made of thermoplastic polyurethane with vents. The vents will be preventing heavy fogging and condensation with continuous airflow.

For comfy gameplay, you wouldn’t love irritating disturbances like dust entering your goggles. To reduce this disturbance, padded foams are inserted into the lens section for sealed protection.

Some players require wearing prescription glasses always. For them, these safety goggles are a good call, but those eyeglasses have to come in a small shape. Larger-shaped eyeglasses can’t fit the goggles.

Carrying the goggles without getting a scratch is a tough challenge, right? In case, turning the challenge into a piece of cake, there’s a soft bag to transport or carry the goggles around in-home or playing areas. Also, a cleaning cloth is there for you to keep the goggles cleaned. Sweet deal, right?


• Comfortable to wear
• Ideal for longtime airsoft matches
• Strong polycarbonate lens
• Mounted sturdy vents for preventing fogging
• Included a soft carrying bag


• Not ideal for those who wear large prescription glasses
• There is too much of foam around the edges

3.Virtue VIO Ascend Thermal Paintball Goggles

Have you watched any movies related to the army, navy seals, sniping? As of you are in the 21st century, sure thing, you’ve watched, right? Those army dress-ups look really sleek.

Well, now, if you love to dress up like those real-time heroes in airsoft gaming, Virtue VIO Ascend is what you must go with. The VIO Ascend from Virtue Paintball truly enables you to feel like army personnel in airsoft gaming. This sleek look and design are sure to stuff.

The primary highlight here is the thermal lens goggles. This lens offers a large and clean peripheral vision view of the field without a pinch of distortion. It’s quite easy to remove and replace, thanks to hinge lock technology. Between combat sessions, you can change the lens hastily.

These safety airsoft goggles are embedded with a vast protective zone in a single piece, both goggles, and flexible masks. Being a single-piece design, the facemask provides increased space for maximum airflow with superior ventilation.

Made of higher quality materials, this airsoft goggle is a superior example of rigidity, protection, comfort, and flexibility.

Your Ascend can be improved with additional accessories for extra comfort and security as it is compatible with VIO line accessories. Including 35 different straps, 18 different lenses, 16 different visors, replaceable foam, a stealth visor fan, and more endless options. Try it in real-time to see the difference.

A goggle must come lightweight for a compact running flow and soothing gaming session. This VIO Goggle features a lightweight body and streamlined, compact design while improving the protection of your face, chin, and ears.

Well, while you are in team combat, you must talk to your other teammates. As this goggle features a mask, it lets you transmit voice easily so that your connections become easier, and that’s a plus for your teamwork to get going.


• Prevent fogs from housing on the lens
• Lightweight build quality
• Upgradable with VIO line accessories
• Offers a wide field of view
• No issues of distortions


• Some said it lacks flexibility

4. XAegis Airsoft Goggles

If airsoft gaming isn’t the sole purpose, and you are looking for multi-purpose goggles, then you couldn’t agree more than XAegis Goggles. Whether you are riding, hunting, shooting, paintball, cycling, swimming, or even playing airsoft, you can wear the same goggles. That’s what I call a multi-purpose eyewear.

In this budget, this piece allows you to take care of the light in any field with three interchangeable shades while ensuring a clear field of view with fantastic vision.

Changing the lenses isn’t really a tough call with this pair. Follow the given instructions thoroughly from the manufacturer; you can switch lenses in no time.

Anyway, coming back to lenses, the polycarbonate lens holds off the scene and lets you enjoy a seamless gaming session.

The lenses can take high-impact BBs hits from around 6 inches away, and you won’t even notice a scratch on the lens because of scratch resistance. How does that sound? Are you pumped already? Well, more to go.

The polycarbonate lens also resists fogging inside the lens and fades away 99% of UVA and UVB rays. Besides, its full-seal goggles feature optimizes the maximum protection.

Wearing goggles is quite an issue if they don’t fit snugly. But you won’t struggle with this one. Made of rubber, the headband frame can go around your head with ease, and fit simply while claiming utmost comfort. You can wear it with your helmet, cap, hat, or only with your bare head.

In addition to more safety, the goggles bring cloth sleeves along with them so that lens can get protection as well as fewer impacts. And most precisely, it protects your head’s back. So, keep your goggles tight.

A carrying bag comes in handy when you’re traveling, which turns out to be a big plus for you if you are a daily traveler.


• Specialized breathable sponge
• Comfortable to gear up on the head
• Easily adjustable with adjustable buckles
• Three interchangeable shades
• Cloth sleeve to protect lens impact


• Frame can be a bit irritating around the nose’s bridge
• Fogs a bit sometimes

5. Pyramex Highlander Safety Glasses

A name of trust and value is Pyramex. The brand has been manufacturing safety glasses for ages, and yet here I’m with another Safety Glass from this brand.

If you want a glass that serves you both protection and style, well, this Highlander should come at the top of your priority list. This one brings you a nice design with versatile flexibility and adjustment.

The glass lenses are made of polycarbonate material with 100% anti-fogging protection. Fogs housing in the lens is a great deal of matter when you regularly wear a glass, especially in cold weather.

Apart from fogging, the lens throws away 99.9% of UV rays back to their origin. Plus, this polycarbonate lens is specialized in scratch resistance to make sure no spots are edged on the glass.

However, a security glass has to be comfortable as well compared to security aspects. In this Highlander, you are given inner lens clips added with soft foam for the comfort you want to experience with style.

You can adjust it around your head to make it a good fit and stylish glass. Only with the adjustable headband; you can say that again!

To prevent dust build-up, an indirectly vented foam carriage works to resist specks of dust and ensure airflow inside and outside the glass. In addition, the glass won’t sweat too.

Lastly, versatility is a catch-22 for safety glasses because every glass doesn’t come with versatility. But you won’t disappointed with this Pyramex. By removing lens strap and clip, you can divulge a sporty look for any use you want, either work or play.


• Ultimate versatility
• No sign of fogging
• Prevents dust and dirt
• Scratch resistant
• UV Protection


• Minimal fogging can occur sometimes

6. Pyramex I-Force Sporty Dual Pane Safety Goggle

Every goggle of this article serves for airsoft gaming, but the crux of the matter is none served for industrial purposes. This Dual Pane Goggle is specially made for industrial usage aside from airsoft gaming.

Passing the MIL-PRF 32432 certification, you can surely count on this one while you are measuring some industrial projects. Being compatible with high-velocity impacts, the polycarbonate lens can bear hits of 100 mph flying matters. Well, the ball is in your court; whether you want to complete industrial works or play airsoft match, your safety is secured.

More so, this lens, made of polycarbonate, can catch hold of more than 99% UVA, UVB, and UVC rays, which could damage your eyes. Plus, it shelters your eyes from outer matters as well.

Regarding fog issues, the inner acetate lens is manufactured especially for preventing fogging.

This eyewear sits pretty securely like sliced bread on your face so that no sweats can lean inside the lens from the head to your eyes and create foggy textures. Also, vented foam on the lens lets your face stay cool even in heavy sweating.

The outer lens is implied with advanced technology for additional safety from fogs, thanks to H2X Anti-Fog Coating. Now, you’re fully assured, I believe.

Well, eventually, you’re looking at a dual-lens technology for improved safety. I almost forgot to reveal that the lenses are laminated with a double layer of protection. If accidentally the lens shatters, its particles would never fall into your eyes.

However, if you wish versatility and turn this safety glass into a stylish-looking glass, you can quickly release the strap and temples.

A drawback to mention is that you can’t wear prescribed glasses because it is almost the same size as any regular prescription glasses.


• Great deal for industrial purpose
• Quickly removable straps and temples
• Double layers of protection
• Ensured scratch-resistant
• Follows high-impact standards


• Doesn’t sit well with prescription glasses
• Sometimes the lenses accidentally fog up.

7. Neiko 53875B Protective Safety Goggles

If you still haven’t found the best airsoft goggles from the above list, don’t worry; you haven’t missed the final boat yet. The Neiko Protective Goggles lure the most effective and clear lenses till now.

This eye wear piece is crafted with polycarbonate and turns out to be a durable hard plastic lens for durability. The lenses are rigid and made more durable with glorious resistance, anti-fogging, scratch-proof, and waterproof lens coatings. You can try throwing something at the lens and see if it catches any scratch.

More on the lens, this polycarbonate material is beaten edge to edge to give you an ultra-clear view. You can see an extra-wide vision from quite a far range.

For secured fit on your face, these safety goggles are enhanced with polyvinyl chloride (PVC) frame, offering you a higher level of security from dust, debris, and chemical wear-outs. Even you can wear it with your regular glasses because of its larger space.

The PVC frame conforms you the maximum comfort level while it even prevents sweat from entering the lens. Also, the frame enables an adjustable strap for different head sizes; it means you get chances to fit the frame snugly according to your head’s shape.

Speaking of more features on the frame, this goggle’s frame attached ventilation holes all over the frame to keep your face cool with super airflow. In that case, you won’t feel tired.

Well, this is yet another ideal call for industrial works, like working with construction tools, laboratories, classes, lawn and garden, woodworking, drilling, worksites, garages, and many more. Even in the airsoft games, you can protrude from others with its clear view and durability.

A token of reminder is that this highly durable eyewear passes ANSI standard Z87.1, which is basically used for firearms safety glasses in the firing ranges.


• Versatile usage
• Ideal for students and researchers
• Heavy-duty build quality
• Adjustable straps
• Effective clear view


• Frame may feel rigid for some

What to Consider Before Buying The Best Goggles For Airsoft

There are some features you need to have on your goggles. To understand what you should have, you can read on below to know more.

Build Materials

Plastic and steel are popular materials for airsoft masks. Both have their own pros and cons, and knowing which will be good for you will help you choose the right product.

The plastic mask gives solid protection while being lightweight. BBs and other fragments do not get through them. But plastic is terrible as it allows air circulation. Ventilation slits mean spots for debris way to get through.

Plastics masks are better at diffusing impacts and help to keep you from hitting much. Wire mesh is also a viable option and popular as it is easy when wearing and helps to breathe. But you have to trade off the solid surface as it allows the fragment if they are minimal.

Wire airsoft mesh mask for full-face is not something you want to try without having a solid plastic layer over the eyes. Someone using cheap BBs will leave you with fragments. That is why you will need excellent eye protection instead of just having wire mesh.

Eye Protection

Eye protection is the essential part of an airsoft mask. A mask with a highly durable lens should endure the full impact of an airsoft gunshot. If you want a 2-in-1 mask with detachable goggles, then get one where the two pieces attach firmly and stay firm at impact.

Advanced masks should have interchangeable lenses while having a variety of lenses suitable in many light conditions.


A full-face mask should have a mouthpiece with good ventilation for you to breathe comfortably. Most of them have perforations or ventilation stripes to get good airflow.

Your mask will have a low temperature because of good ventilation. This also ensures clear voice carries. Clear communication is mandatory when playing with airsoft enthusiasts.


What you need to have around your goggle frame is the presence of vents that help keep you cool and prevent fogging. It should also have a coating of the anti-fogging layer. Generally, the coating is found inside the lens so that projectiles can not damage the coating.

Adjustable Straps & Fit

Your airsoft goggles and masks should fit you and keep you secure. Elasticated straps are the best option with a bit of adjustment. In this manner, you will wear your goggles and masks comfortably regardless of your head size.

Every goggle and mask should have foam padding of some degree inside them to avoid abrasion on your face while it is strapped on your head. Forehead and nose padding is a must for full masks. Goggles need one layer with padding around the interior, which contacts your face.

Lens Color and Quality: Extremely Tough Lens

With a lens, you are trying to protect the eyes so that pellets that travel 400 feet (121.92 m) per second and beyond should not harm your eyes. That is why you require a tough lens.

Polycarbonate is the best material as they are strong and can endure the impact of the mentioned force. Moreover, you can work woodworking shop while wearing polycarbonate lenses.

Additional Lens Special Features and Accessory Options

If you often have outdoor airsoft battles, then UV-protected lenses are a must-have feature.

Clear vision is crucial; that is why to make sure goggles do not cloud your vision.

Tinted lenses help when playing outdoor in the daytime. For indoor play or on cloudy days, a yellow lens is better to perceive the correct depth.

Tips for Airsoft Goggles Using and Maintaining

As long as you are using something, you have to maintain it. Though the device or item may be truly seamless to keep, it still needs maintenance. At the bottom, you have to know how to use it as well. In terms of using and maintaining an airsoft goggle, follow the below tips.

  • Carry the goggle in an exceedingly soft bag to safeguard it from dirt. Dirt might not look like the tip of the iceberg. Otherwise, the dirt and debris will house on the lens anyway, and once you clean them off, you will find scratches.
  • Stay away from touching the lenses with your bare hands, particularly where the antifog coating side. You can end up causing anti-fog coating to fade away.
  • To clean the lens, try using baby shampoo on the goggle’s lens. Apply the shampoo for 15 minutes, then rinse it out. This cleaning process might enrich the antifogging capability with another layer of protection on the inner side.

Either way, except trying baby shampoo, you can count on toothpaste as well on the inner side of the lens. Mix it properly on the lens, keep for 15 minutes, and then rinse it out. So many swimmers found this method helpful for using swimming goggles. It will work perfectly for airsoft goggles too.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do you stop airsoft goggles from fogging up?

First off, it’s better not to touch both outer and inner lenses with naked hands. Then, the use of anti-fog sprays can help you preventing fogging up. It’s straightforward, just spray the lenses and wipe with a micro-fiber cloth. You’re set.

  • Are yellow lenses good for airsoft goggles?

Some shooters and airsoft players love to use yellows lenses because of its blocking capability of haze. Plus, it pulls out the orange color to specify the targets, even on a cloudy day. You can achieve the detailed vision and depth perception of taking shots with complete accuracy.

  • Why do some swimmers spit on their goggles?

To prevent condensation even for a while, the swimmers spit on the goggles.

  • What are airsoft goggles made of ?

The goggles are usually made of polycarbonate lenses, and the frames come with TPR material. Also, there is anti-fog ventilation integrated on the frame. Lastly, adjustable straps and temples are shelved for comfort.

  • Can you wear safety goggles over glasses?

Surely, you can wear safety goggles over your regular or prescription glasses. Your eyes will not experience any kind of harm or damage during the session.


Wearing regular airsoft goggles won’t protect your eyes in the airsoft combats until you have the best airsoft goggles. Having the right airsoft goggles can salt down your eye from several damages and leave you healthy.

While choosing an airsoft goggle, I’d ask you to listen to your gut. Feel free to research more and read more from the above-mentioned airsoft goggles. You’ll surely able to make a purchase today.

Well, not to mention, but you can consider buying all of the above, why not? You get to use each of them for each of the matches you participate.

Break a leg!

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