Welcome to the magical world of airsoft, replicas of weapons perfectly identical to the originals, both in appearance and weight. Manufactured mostly in Japan, electric or gas, they go crazy among the boys. But there is a not so ignorable problem caused by this airsoft gun which is the injury.

So does the Airsoft gun hurt? Indeed, specially when you are hit from a close range. The impact can be painful if it is produced from very close (two or three meters) in places such as nose, knuckles, ear lobe and eyes.

The gun acquires a lot of speed, which gives almost any replica enough strength to reach 40m away with acceptable precision. From that distance, the ball loses strength and practically does not mark the opponent.

But when you hit someone from a real close distance that causes a little pain. Let’s have a deep look into it:

What are airsoft guns?

Airsoft guns are cloned models of toy guns that are used in airsoft sports. Soft guns are a certain kind of weapon with a barrel without rifling and are designed so that they use less electric power than usual.
Air guns are constructed to fire nonmetallic spherical missiles, usually manufactured from plastic or biodegradable materials.

Airsoft guns are primarily safe for cutthroat games, competitive contests, and recreational activities provided the player wears appropriate protective gear.

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Building upon the system of pellet-firing, airsoft guns can be classified into two groups- mechanical and pneumatic.
The mechanical kind of air gun consists of a spring-loaded piston air pump, for example, spring guns, or is automatically operated by an electric motor gearbox.

The pneumatic runs on pre-filled bottled up gas, a mixture of silicone oil with compressed propane, commonly known as “Green Gas “or CO2 canisters.

Uses of Airsoft guns

Airsoft guns are optimally compared to pellet guns regularly mass-produced to resemble actual machine guns, handguns, and rifles.

Guns shoot pellets employing pre-filled bottled up gas, spring, or electrical systems. Airsoft guns are mostly used for games like paintball, drill sessions for target practice or firearms training, and movie props.

The Airsoft sport

The shooting sport Airsoft is a highly competitive game that includes two rival teams. The team that successfully eliminates the opposing team’s maximum players by firing spherical plastic missiles via Airsoft guns wins the game!
Even though this game’s concept is similar to paintball rules, the pallets that leave the airsoft guns do not usually make any distinguishable mark on the target. However, the pellets do leave a red spot on exposed skin.

As the players wear protective gear and the pellets do not leave any trademark, the game depends a lot on the players’ ethics. They are expected to call themselves out as soon as they are hit.

Does airsoft hurt?

The Answer to this question is both yes and no.

It typically depends on the feet per second at which the pellet leaves the gun and the approximate range of the shooter.
If a player gets hit on the face even from a distance that is considered medium range by a 300 or more FPS gun, it will hurt.
On the flip side, if the target is 50 feet away from the gunman and is wearing proper protective gear, and is shot with 200 fps, the player feels almost nothing.

How much does airsoft hurt?

Customarily a typical shooter likes to shoot with around 350 fps. The different range of fps and their respective pain scale is precisely described below.
Getting hit by a 100-200 fps gun feels like a nudge. It hurts a little if the target is hit from a distance of 60 feet by a 200-250 fps gun.

However, the pain fades away eventually. Being shot by 0 .20g Ball Bullets from a 250-350 fps gun at a 50 feet distance will cause enough pain to leave a bruise.

For 350-400 fps guns, the shooter must not shoot from less than a distance of at least 35ft. Otherwise, the player will be in severe pain.

For pellets leaving from 400-500 fps guns can result in severe and fatal wounds if it is not shot from a distance of at least 50 feet. A shot from a 500+ fps gun can easily penetrate the player’s skin.

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Even with the proper protective gear, this type of shot can cause some severe pain. A few sensitive locations of the body get hurt easily, like the crotch, inside of arm or leg, neck, any area of ribs, fatty muscles, etc., and thus should be well protected.

Different Guns, bullets and impacts

Not all paint guns are the same. Airsoft guns and some other weapons that use pellets (BB) that shoot small metal balls, BB guns that shoot lead pellets, and paint guns that shoot jelly balls filled with paint.

Air, electricity and springs help fire the ammu out of the weapon. Weapons without gunpowder have an orange tip so they can be recognized easily and not mixed with the real one.This tip should always be there.

Airsoft guns are safe and not meant to shoot people. However, they can kill small animals.These are clearly described as weapons.

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Airsoft guns and paintball guns are made to be used and shoot at people during the game. They can create marks on the skin, but they won’t tear the skin.They pinch or sting.

Pain airsoft guns cause at different distances.

The most curious subject for players at beginner level in the airsoft is how much it hurts when they get hit by the pellet.

After playing a few games, this fear usually disappears as you will realize this is not something terrible that is going to hurt you for long.It is a prerequisite that not to take off your protective eyeglass ever during the game even if you suddenly have an itchy eye.
Hitting in the eye could lead to a minor to serious injury that depends on the velocity of the ball that came out of an airsoft gun.

We are now going to discuss the pain that occurs during the ball hitting on the different body parts. The sensation depends on the distance at which you are shot and the velocity of the ball.

We tried to explain in a table the degree of pain it causes at different distances.
Body area     Less than 5 m            From 15 to 30 m Over 30 m
Head, forehead very painful painful does not hurt
Face without mask very painful Very painful painful
Neck Painful tangible does not hurt
Chest, back Tangible does not hurt does not hurt
Arms Tangible does not hurt does not hurt
Legs(hips) very painful Painful does not hurt
Private parts Painful Painful Painful


When the ball hit the open fingers or nails from quite a close distance, it hurts real bad. The pain though lasts no longer than 5-10 seconds, then it goes away.

The prime factors that influence the hurt caused by airsoft guns:

  •  The range of the shooter

The closer the target gets shot from, the more pain the player feels.

  • Clothing

The players must be in proper protective gear and combat suit at all times to prevent injuries.

  • Area of the impact

If the player is hit on uncovered body parts, it hurt a lot. That’s why it is suggested to wear face protection, including goggles and ear protection.

  • The weight of the projectiles.

Heavier the projectile, the more painful the hit.

Can an Airsoft gun kill anyone?

A pellet leaving the airsoft gun at a high velocity ranging from 400-700 FPS is enough to sting. If unfortunately, eyes get hit, the player may the blessing of sight.

However, from a close distance with enough velocity, it can damage your teeth and bone. And penetrate through the skin.
Even though airsoft guns can hurt brutally and cause severe pain and some serious damage, if the pellet is of high velocity, it won’t cause the player’s death.

Airsoft protective gears

  • Vest

The pellets are not strong enough to penetrate through the vest, so the vest covers and protects most of the player’s body.

  • Ear protection

Ears are one of the most fragile pairs of organs, so it must be protected.

  • Eye protection

The distance of the gunman from the target or the pellet’s velocity does not count when it comes to hitting the eyes. The slightest mishap can make any player lose eyesight entirely or result in a lot of bleeding.

  • Gloves

Gloves are necessary to keep the players’ hands dry and warm and avoid getting hurt or any bruises on their hands.

  • Boot

Boots are essential to protect the players’ feet.

Airsoft gears

How to stop being hurt by an airsoft gun?

It is obligatory to use protective glasses that comply with the rules. and that prevent the passage of balls towards the eyes, that is, do not leave a sufficiently large gap between the face and the glasses where a ball can enter.

Protective masks and helmets may also be worn for additional protection if desired.

To avoid doing damage and having it done to you, depending on the strength of the replica, minimum distances are established at which you can shoot.

This space depends on the category of replica and is sufficient to feel the impact under your clothes without it being painful.

Thus, if you are an outfield player, you will use a replica assault rifle with a speed of 110 meters per second and your safety distance will be 5 meters.

If you are a sniper at the start, your weapon will be precision, with a telescopic sight, a speed of 150 meters per second but, nevertheless, a safety distance of 20 or 25 meters. If your opponent is closer, you will not be able to use your marker.

Avoid exposing as much skin as possible while playing

The basic rule is to wear long sleeves, long pants, gloves, goggles, and a helmet while playing the game. Avoid exposing as much skin as possible.

This way, you can avoid injury even if you are hit by a BB bullet at close range. If you wear gloves, you will not be injured even if you touch branches or underbrush. Do not wear short sleeves or short pants even on a hot day.

Don’t enter a muzzleloader field with light clothing

BB bullets are flying around in the field during the game. Therefore, do not enter the field with light clothing, not only during the game, but also before and after the game starts. Even if you just roll up your arms, you may get injured if you hit the spot.

Pay attention to your shoes

When participating in an airsoft game, pay attention to your shoes as well. Wear shoes with thick soles and solid fabric. It is also important to get used to wearing shoes to a certain extent so that you don’t get sores.

Being a Good Player

Getting good in the game will not reduce the pain caused by an injury, but it surely will be a preventive measure of avoiding injuries.

A good player means being ethically responsible, avoiding getting hurt, avoiding hurting others, and most crucially, being respectful of opponents and fellow teammates.

  • Avoid shooting from a distance of less than ten feet-just let everyone know your opponent has fallen.
  • Aim for body shots that are protected with the vest and avoid shooting opponents in the face, head, or hands
  • Switch to semi-auto, rather than blasting someone with a bunch of automatic pellet fire.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to bring my own goggles and helmet when I participate in Airsoft?

If possible, prepare your own. However, you can also rent it at the game field.

What are the measures you can take in case of injury?

Be sure to prepare a first aid kit that can provide first aid when you play a game. In addition, those who are not well equipped should not participate.

What should I do if a BB bullet hits me during a game and I feel pain?

It is natural to be hit during play, so wear armor to prevent it. The pain will go away after a few seconds. Do not roll your arms.


Airsoft is a fun game, and airsoft guns are used for various activities and have multiple uses. Therefore the question-‘Does airsoft gun hurt badly?’ is valid and legit.

This guide elaborately describes that if proper precautions are taken as described above and it is played following all the rules and regulations, airsoft gun pellets do not hurt that bad.

Keeping in mind, the players must maintain ethics and be considerate and respectful of opponents.

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