Airsoft and paintball is something that people use to play with. But what do you think? Which one hurt the most? And what are the protection ideas from it?

You might be thinking, does airsoft hurt more than paintball or not. Know everything about it by reading our detailed description of both the paintball and airsoft.

Check out everything to know which one hurt the most and what the reasons behind it.

What is Airsoft?

Airsoft is a sport where people get together and make an organized team. That team throws small gunshots at each other for fun.


Some people mix paintballs with airsoft. But these things are different. Airsoft is much more focused when it’s time to simulate.

The players should always be prepared while using it. They should be properly dressed and put on some real military gear. Helmets, vests are also the elements they need to wear sometimes to look more real.

Airsoft is about a game of gunshots with much safety. Safety is the priority of this game. Though every player should wear safety gear, so it becomes a safe one.

What is Paintball?

Paintball is the quickest-growing game all over Europe. It is made in America. This is played with a team or individual players to compete to disqualify each other.

And the elimination process is by hitting the other players with a filled paint gun. The gun is a compressed gas-powered gun that they use to hit others. You can consider it as a gun marker too.

This is a video game. But you can play the game in person too. It is fun to play and easy too. But you have to get cleared whether it hurts more or airsoft as both are almost the same in their work.

Comparison between Airsoft and Paintball

The main difference between airsoft and paintball is the size. The sizes and weights are different. How much it hurts depends on the size, so it is an important fact that differs these two things from each other.

Both are 300-400 feet per second. But the weight is different. The Airsoft weighs about .20 gm, and the Paintball weighs about 3 gm. Airsoft releases around .84 Joules of energy and Paintball release about 12.5 Joules of energy.

That means paintballs have more energy than airsoft. Not just that, paintballs have more surface area, so when you hit someone with it, this makes a larger swelling on him.

So, does it mean paintballs hurt more than airsoft?

Yes, paintball hurts more than airsoft. As you already see the comparison between airsoft and paintball, you have an idea about what can give you much swelling.

Further, a paintball is a large-sized ball that causes bigger swelling if you hit someone with it. Airsoft also does the same but less than the paintball one.

Both airsoft and paintball have the potential to make welts, swell, break the skin, or bleeding. But if we have to compare both of them, then the paintball hurts more than airsoft.

The airsoft and paintball both can cause physical damage. But airsoft is more soft than paintball. So, overall, paintball leaves a great impact to hurt someone more than airsoft.

How much does paintball hurt more than airsoft?

We must know all the details of airsoft and paintball to make any comparison. That’s how we can get an idea of why and how these two hurt and how much more paintballs do that.

If you have a question, “do airsoft guns hurt more than paintball?” then we have already given you the answer. Airsoft doesn’t hurt much as it is softer than paintball.

Airsoft has a motion of 300-400 fps, and paintball is also the same. But the weights and the measurements of these are not the same. That’s why it acts differently when you hit someone with it.

According to the size, surface space, and weight, paintball hurt more than airsoft. FPS matters in this case. The higher the FPS is, the more it can give you pain after hitting. So, that’s the correct equation.

What are the most painful places to get shot in Airsoft or Paintball?

Not every part hurt more. They probably hurt slightly in some places. But some places become unbearable if airsoft or paintball hit those places.

The most sensitive place is the eyes. Even if small dirt can hurt bad. And something like airsoft hurts the eyes more. It hurts more than you imagine. And to avoid it, you should wear a safety helmet.

Moreover, teeth can hurt badly by paintball and airsoft. You must wear a protective mask before playing with it. Head is also a common part that hurts while playing with paintball or airsoft. So, wearing a mask is a must.

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Also, lips, fingers, neck, and ears are the places that these little balls can hurt hard. So, to avoid these kinds of damages, always wear safety equipment according to your need.

How distance affects pain in Paintball and Airsoft?

Distance plays a vital role in affecting pain when you are playing with paintball or airsoft. Ball speed depends on how far it is.

So, if you target from a distance of at least 130-150 feet, it hurt the person less than before. And he may not feel the impact at all.

But if you target it from a lesser distance, such as less than 50 feet, it hits the person more so that he notices the impact as it is hard enough. So, distance matters in this case.

Final Verdict

To conclude, we want to say that both airsoft and paintball hurt the person a lot if you hit him properly. So, the question, “does getting hit with airsoft hurt more than paintball?” has a valid answer.

Of course, paintball hurt the person more for some obvious reasons. And hopefully, you get the proper answer to your question, “does airsoft hurt more than paintball?” by reading all our explanations about it.

Let us know if you have anything to share that people should know. Also, let us know your memories with airsoft or paintball with us!


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