Superior vision is an asset! We birders (aka birdwatcher) and hunter know how important it is!
​For improved vision sometimes we need something more than binocular and something that’s next to a telescope. That’s where a spotting scope comes in all of our minds.

spotting scope distance overview

But, it has a controversial question too! How far can you see with a spotting scope?
So, in this article, we’ll find a perfect answer to this controversial question. So, let’s get started. Shall we?


Basics of Spotting Scope

A controversy never ends with a small explanation. You can’t find a solution if you don’t know about spotting scope. So, we think, you should know some basic facts about spotting scopes then we can solve the controversy. So, scroll down and enlighten yourself.

How Far Can You See With A Spotting Scope?

Do you know, why spotting scope is so popular?

It because a spotting scope is something that offers better features.

When hunter found that, they may need something more powerful than binocular with the portability, spotting scope starts becoming popular.

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Let me give you an example, can a binocular capture 500 yards with excellent image quality? No, it can’t but with a spotting scope. It’s possible.

However, the answer is based on some considerations and facts too if you can understand and crack all these then congratulations! You can how far you can see with a spotting scope.

So, those considerations are-


1. Magnification: The magnifying lens is the heart of the spotting scope. It’s the only way to know how far you can see through magnifying. Suppose you’re using a spotting scope which has 50X magnifying power. That means you can see something 50 times bigger than your naked eye’s vision. So, the power of magnification glass can help you to decide how far you can see with it. For example, with a high-powerful spotting scope, you can look up to 1000 yards far away.

2. Exit pupil: You need more light if you want to see something clearly from a reasonable distance. Science says, for a better view of a distant thing, you need more light. So, higher exit pupil number will help you to see more clearly.

3. Eye health: Your eye health betters. If you have a weak eye or if you use glasses then without glasses or with dull eyes, you can’t get excellent viewing experience. So, it matters too.

Now the answer is based on the spotting scope you’re using. If you’re using a best spotting scopes then you can see up to 1000 yards far away. Also if you’re using an average and suitable for nothing type of spotting scope, then you can hardly get a view of 100 yards far away.

Hey? Don’t leave! We still haven’t got the answer we’re looking for. There is something that needed to be discussed.

What Can Destroy Your Perfect Viewing Experience?

So, some aspects can spoil the entire mood of birding and those are also the barrier of the better viewing experience. Scroll to down to find out more.

• Atmosphere: cold, humidity, over-heat and dust are the enemies of the spotting scope. Even a small piece of dirt can spoil your entire visual experience.

​•​ Fog: If your spotting scope isn’t fog proof then fog is something that can’t just ruin your view. It can also harm your scope too.

​•​ Rain: If you are not using a ‘best waterproof spotting scope’ then you’re in danger too my friend! It is harmful to a non-waterproof magnifying glass too. So, use it with care or don’t use it when it’s raining.

​•​ Instability: While using it, if your hand is shaking or if you’re using it in an unstable posture then you can’t get a perfect viewing experience. In that situation, we suggest you get a tripod for your scope. It’ll give you a shake-less stable viewing experience.

​•​ Positioning: If you’re not positioning rightly then better viewing is a dream for you. So, go and read our article ‘All you need to know about positioning your spotting scope’ and educate yourself. ​

So, if you’re in these conditions, don’t curse your scope. It has nothing to do with it.


We hope that we solved the controversy and got the perfect answer we were looking for. We believe, our article helped you.
Still, if you’ve any query, don’t hide it inside, comment below, we’ll try our best to help you. Best of luck with your spotting scope.

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