Holographic Sight

Holographic sights have become part and parcel for tactical operators, hunters, and sportsmen for quite some time. Their superiority is second to none when it comes to consistent aiming platform.

You need not waste your time and energy struggling to get a clean shot of your target. With the ability to acquire an instant target, the holographic sights with their electronic cross-hairs will not disappoint you.

What Is A Holographic Sight ?

Also referred to as holographic diffraction sight, this is a non-magnifying gun-sight that helps the shooter to acquire the right target. By looking through the optical glass window, the user is able to view clear reticle images superimposed at a given distance inside the given field of view.

The sight, however, uses laser transmission holograms of that reticle image. The three-dimensional image recorded on the holographic film assists in aiming at the target.

What Do Holographic Sights Do?

The sights enhance and maximize the shooter’s peripheral vision. In fact, it works by allowing a user to acquire the target faster giving greater control in the zone of engagement.

The holographic sights are built with unique features that make them more effective. The presence of various reticle patterns plays a critical role to ensure that you meet your shooting needs.

Most importantly, the Holographic records and reconstructs the amount of light that is reflected from a three-dimensional object. At this point, you are in a better position to get the depth information regarding your target.

At the same time, the recording gives several viewing directions thus creating room for you to change the perspective by shifting your head.

What Do Holographic Sights Look like?

The optical window found at that holographic’s weapon sight mostly resembles a piece of clear glass. The illuminated reticle appears in the middle and to some extent; it seems infinitely like a tiny dot in size depending on the acuity of your eye.

Additionally, the image in the form of a small dot is also part of that optical viewing window.

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5 Types Of Holographic Sights

Holographic sights come in different forms and shapes for different uses. Some of the most notable types are:

• The 512 Holographic

It is made in the United States of America(U.S.A) The gadget is suitable for advanced shooters, hunters and law enforcers. Also, it is the most popular holographic weapon sight due to its size and compact in appearance. Besides, it is waterproof and light in weight.

The 512 uses a red laser to project the reticle so you should not have any doubt regarding brightness and clarity. The unique feature of 512 is that the red dot is parallax-free and it is easy to adjust.

• The 552 H.sights

Also, it is made in the US and it is suitable for advanced shooters, military, and hunters. Unlike the 512, the 552 is compatible with night vision gear and has two reticle options.

It is powered by two AA batteries, just like the 512.

• EOTech XPS2-0

Is smaller than the first two mentioned above! Similarly, it is popular with advanced shooters, the military, and hunters. Due to its smaller size, the EOTech XPS2-0 uses a single lithium 123 battery instead of two AAs batteries.

• EOTech EXPS-2

It is barely more massive than the XPS2, 0 but both gadgets use a single battery. It has been voted the best for US Special Operations Command because of its toughness and simplicity.

• EOTech HHS 1

It uses a single battery and is capable of combining an EPS3-4 with the three magnification power of G33.STS magnifier in one versatile unit. Significantly, it is handy for both short and long-range shooting.

Contrary to the other gadgets, its reticle is a dot-in-circle one along with three additional dots below that appears at the Centre.

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Why You Should Choose Holographic Sights

​The holographic sights are the best for maximizing the shooter’s view of the target because of a number of reasons:

The projection of a particular reticle is only visible to the user and the sight window.
The reticle image can vary in pattern and shape.
The image can appear in either 2-dimensional or 3-dimensional.
Magnification is not a necessity,
Use of the onboard computer control,
They are durable,
​Does not reveal light signature,
Compatible with night vision

With all those factors in mind, you have all the right intentions to outsource a holographic sight weapon to stay abreast of advancement in weapon technology.

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