aiming a compound bow

Compound bows are popularly used in target practice and hunting. A compound bow is a bow that uses a levering mechanism, which is usually made up of pulleys and cables, to provide the user with a mechanical advantage while bending the limbs. Therefore, they can be significantly stiffer and as a result, exert more force while shooting.

4 Easiest Steps To Aim with a Compound Bow

The aiming system in a compound bow is made up of several tools, the main ones being the scope and the peep sight.

The peep sight is a piece of plastic in the string. It has a hole in it that you can look through while aiming. You can also use the kisser button for better improvement.

The scope has a magnifying lens and pins used for aiming that can be fiber optic so that they can be used in the dark, and a bubble level to adjust the bow.

Compound bow sights can seem complicated at first glance. However, this brief guide will help you learn how to use them.

Get into a proper shooting stance

Stance is essential in any sport or physical activity, including archery. Without a proper stance, you will not be able to aim correctly. Try to warm up and relax your muscles and straight your upper body before shooting. It will reduce quivering and increase your precision. otherwise, You can get less consistent shots for your tense muscles.

You should stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, and they should form a 90º angle with the target. It is essential not to be tense anywhere in your body while aiming and shooting. You also need to learn the proper aiming technique.
Otherwise, no matter how well you use the sight, you will probably miss the target.

Adjust the Pin to your Distance with the Target

You can adjust the pin in the scope according to your distance with the target. Some scopes have several pins or dots, each for a specific length. Others have only one pin that is adjustable by a knob on the bow.

If you are doing archery as a sport, you will know the distance to the target beforehand. While if you are hunting with a bow, you will have to guess the distance.

Aim Using the Peep and the Scope

After you have adjusted the pin, you need to pull the rope, look through the peep, and fix the pin and the target on top of each other. The longer the distance between the peep sight and the scope, the more precise you will aim.

Some professional archers extend the scope in front of the bow to improve their aiming precision. As you are aiming, check the bubble level to make sure the bow is completely straight at all times.

If the target is too far away, it is better to use a scope with a magnifying lens, and for shooting in the dark, you will need to get optic fiber sight pins for your scope.

Let the Pin Float around the Target

It is advised to let the pin float rather than fixing it on the target at all times. Setting the pin completely will result in excess tension in your muscles and will have an adverse effect on your precision.
Therefore, let the pin float around the target and release the rope exactly when it aligns with it.


Aiming with a compound bow can seem quite complicated if you are not familiar with archery. Following the tips mentioned here, you will learn how to use compound bow sights. However, the most important thing is to practice as much as possible.

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