The need to improve shooting accuracy was the primary challenge Aimpoint had faced since its inception in 1974. As we know, “necessity is the mother of invention” and the sole idea to create a sighting technology that would change the history of shooting was born.

The technology allows you to have a clean shot of your target with the highest possible precision. The technology, however, has gone an extra mile to give you the advantage of hitting a moving target regardless of the weather conditions or visibility.

Holographic Sights

With the Aimpoint holographic sights, the only obstacle to bring down your target is the comprehensive understanding of how to apply this technology.

Aimpoint Holographic Sight

With the Aimpoint Holographic sight, the point of aim is where the target lies. You don’t have to hesitate or waste time with unnecessary aiming provided that the dot is on target.

In that instance, you have the liberty to pull the trigger. The holographic sight does not necessarily require you to shoot with one eye closed; you can as well bring down the target with both eyes open.

Aimpoint Carbine Optic (ACO) Red Dot Reflex Sight with Mount - 2 MOA - 200174

This is true because your field of view is unlimited. Above all, the red dot sight is user-friendly, and you can always adjust it via a mechanical switch or push button.

How Do Holographic Sights Work?

The Aimpoint cutting edge technology relies on a reflected light emitting diode (LED). At the time of the shooting, the shooter looks into the Aimpoint holographic sight to see the red dot.

Once the red dot appears in the lens, the shooter takes the next step by superimposing the red dot on the target. This is an indication that the target has been acquired. The shooter, however, combines both speed and accuracy to bring down the target.

The Aimpoint holographic sights are designed excluding magnification or optical distortion. In fact, the red dot is not projected to the intended target but it is only visible inside, and only the shooter can see it.

To achieve this feat, lasers project the reticent on the target making the dot visible on the right target.

When to Use a Holographic Sight

Holographic sights are explicitly designed for rough terrain, unfriendly weather, and poor visibility. From the studies, this kind of holographic sight provides the fastest moving reticle in relation to the target.

This feature enables the shooter to have the highest target accuracy probability, particularly with the moving targets.

Also, it can be used by hunters, marksmen, and anyone else without prior experience.

Do Holographic Sights Work at Night?

Many Aimpoint sights are compatible with night vision device (NVD). Simply put, you can use some of these sights at daytime and also in the darkness or places with low light intensity along with NVDs.

Aimpoint sights are customized for use with all kinds of night vision devices particularly the third generation NVD technology. To achieve this, the NDV is placed behind the compatible holographic sight or mounted on the helmet or rail behind the sight

Where to Place the Holographic Sight

Even though the first place that comes to your mind when mounting the holographic sight is on top of the rifle, there are some factors to consider.

First, you need to consider flexibility where eye relief is an issue. Another factor is the personal preference depending on an individual, and finally availability of the Picatinny flat-top rail for mounting.

To sum up, the sight can be mounted anywhere as long as it is on the receiver but not the handguard.

How to Use Holographic Sight

To achieve the desired results, you can adjust the sight to obtain the range and wind direction. This is done by simply tilting the holographic grating. By tilting or pivoting, you will be helping the sight to disperse the laser light in the opposite direction from where the reticle is formed.
To correct the parallax error, you need to have a holographic image that is located at a finite distance to synchronize with the parallax due to the eye movement.

Having done all these, you can now acquire your target without any benefit of a doubt.

To wrap up, you now have an idea of Aimpoint technology on best holographic sights. At least you can make the right choice when it comes to the sight that meets your specifications.

EOTECH 552 Holographic Weapon Sight

Our primary goal is to ensure that you stay afloat with the latest update of the ever-changing technology in weaponry. At the final stage we would introduce with 5 Types Of Holographic Sights​.

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