Coyote hunting

Being a cunning and intelligent animal, a coyote has made it challenging to be hunted. Hunting coyotes at night are even much more difficult. Coyotes’s hunting is more exciting as compared to the hunting for any other animals because of their unique behavior.

It’s, therefore, not surprising that most hunters have resolved to hunt the coyote at every cost. Keep reading and learn more about coyotes hunting at night.

Tips to hunt coyotes at night

Before you hunt any animal including coyotes, you should follow these essential tips for you to succeed. The tips include:

  • At first you need best scope for coyote hunting at night.
  • ​If you want to hunt any animal, first of all, try to know about their habits. Their habits include the food they eat, the area where they live, what kind of behavior they show and the most important of all, the areas where that animal is usually found.
  • ​Hunting at night is quite difficult because at night the animals are even more active because they feel safe in the darkness. Moreover, due to profound silence, any slight movement could be sensed by them.
  • ​When it comes to hunting coyotes at night, it is a bit demanding because the coyote has an outstanding power of vision than us. The hunter should be covered even in the dark by wearing dark clothes.

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Essential Gears for hunting coyotes

There are different kinds of gears for different animals. In the case of hunting a coyote, you should have an AR15 along with a shotgun. It will help you to hunt more efficiently.
Some of the hunters use high-end air rifle which is much better to shoot a coyote.

​Similarly, try to have gun stick with you. However this depends on your position; whether you are standing, sitting or laying.

Use dark gloves. Your wearing should also depend on the temperature. Hence, always carry a warm pair and a cold one.

how to hunt coyotes at night: Step by step process

​To hunt coyotes efficiently, follow the following simple steps:

​You should be very careful and patient while hunting a coyote because these predators are very intelligent and cunning.
​Initially try to find the direction of the wind. Because according to the habit of coyotes, they do howling at night and if you know the direction of wind you can find the direction where the coyotes are by the sound of their howling.
​The reason why you should find the direction of the wind is that once you have observed the location stay down to that direction. This will be important because the coyotes won’t be able to smell the scent of your body. However, if you fail to do so, the coyotes will smell your scent coming along with the wind, and then they will move away from their place
After locating the place of coyotes, try to go towards them, but you should be very careful while doing this. This is just because once the coyotes feel your presence near to them; they will immediately go farther away from you as soon as possible.
Then sit near a bush so that your body gets covered and then wait for the coyote. All the game of hunting a coyote is of patience. It usually takes about 30-45 minutes or even more to get a coyote because they choose their location after a complete satisfaction that there is no danger. Once they get satisfied, then they move to that location.
​Moreover, this is the habit of the coyotes that they always move from one place to another place in the form of a group. Their group contains male coyotes, a female one, and their baby coyotes. The baby coyotes produce some sound that could be heard by the hunters, and then they can quickly locate the location of the coyotes.
​Be very silent. You should be very quiet while hunting any coyote. Because coyote has very active listening skills and the can quickly sense any danger that is closer to them. Try to walk in such a way that you do not produce any sound because as we have told that they have an outstanding hearing power.
As far as the hunting accessories are concerned, all the accessories should be sound proof or should be fully efficient.
The car in which you travel to the hunting site should be parked far away from the hunting site. It’s essential for you to be aware that the sounds produced by the car as it moves, the sound of the car’s door shut, the sound of the tires when moving on the road or crush the stones is not pleasant for all the animals especially the coyotes. These types of sounds are considered to be the sound of danger for them
Moreover, if you are with your partners for hunting, always ensure that all of your partners are wholly silent and maybe you should communicate through whispering which should be done in a very low tone. This is because if the prey senses the presence of the hunters, they will tend to scatter away from you. Hence, hunting of the coyotes will be harder for you.
– Try to be in the place which is slightly higher than the location of the coyotes. In this way, once you spot the coyotes, you can quickly hunt them from this higher ground. More so, you can quickly shoot them because you cannot distract them at this particular point.
While shooting you should be very careful because you can attract their attention. Therefore, don’t hunt immediately when you see them. Just wait a while and when the coyote moves their eyes downwards, take a shot.
You should have very best shooting skills to hunt a coyote because the coyote has incredibly sharp senses and they can easily detect any danger. Moreover, they can see much better than us in the dark. They have perfect visual sense in the dark at night.
Your good shooting skills can help you to hunt a coyote very easily. Lousy hunting skills will fail you when it comes to shooting any of the coyotes.
The last and the most crucial step by which one can efficiently hunt a coyote is by calls. The hunter can create artificial calls by which the coyote will be attracted towards the hunter and the hunter can easily hunt the coyote

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For artificial calls, many of the instruments are used. The most important call is distress call which can easily attract any of the coyotes by which you can easily hunt them.

So these are some of the steps which you can apply when you want to hunt the coyotes at night quickly. These tips are also helpful to hunt other predators.

Follow these steps and enjoy hunting​!