There is no need to pay a gunsmith to mount a scope; it is easy enough to do it yourself if you have the tools and time.

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The most significant first step you can make is buying the right scope set-up for your rifle. Keep in mind that scope rings are made primarily to match up and work with only certain types and sizes of scope bases.

There are some features of spotting Scopes, once you have to the right scope and base you can get started with ease!

To get started mounting your rifle scope and base you will need to gather the correct tools. The following are some tools you may need when thinking of how to mount a rifle scope:-

A Gun mounts or cradles to hold your gun in the same place while you place and tighten down your mount and scope.
Lighting, most mounts come pre-taped, but you want to be sure to have the adequate light, so you don’t miss anything and line everything up as best as possible.
Degreasing Agent, like acetone, to remove oil or grease from all mounting components and your weapon around where the mount goes. It will give you a tighter fit.
Sure thread to keep your screws in place once tightened down.
​Gunsmith Screwdriver, these guys are designed to precisely match up with your gun’s components, so you don’t strip the screws as you try to put them on, tighten them or take them back off.
Adjustable torque wrench for tightens everything down without bending the central tube of your scope.

Once you have collected your tools, in a well light area, and have a clean unloaded gun, you can begin mounting your rifle scope.

[nectar_single_testimonial testimonial_style=”small_modern” color=”Default” quote=”Your rifle scope should be degreased, make sure the screws, bases, rings and mounting holes are all dry; this will get you the tightest and most secure fit.”]

It is recommended you do a trial fitting to make sure that everything fits together, and you did indeed pick the correct scope for your rifle and base before proceeding.

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What Does The Procedure Involve?

Start with your Scope base receiver. Pay attention to make sure the slots line up well, and your scope is in the correct position. Then add a minimal amount of sure thread to mounting screws and use your torque screwdriver to tighten slowly.

Each base comes with instructions on the correct amount of torque to apply for the best fit, keep your torque within that range.

Next, grab the scope ring bottoms, using the gunsmith screwdriver tighten down the bottom rings. It is essential these are in the correct place and not going to move because the actual scope will be mounted directly to this.

Once both the bottom and top rings have been secured, set the scope on the bottom rings. Slowly rotate back and further until you no longer see the finish of the range coming off.

Because your rifle is secured, and ideally level, this will ensure the scope sits well when secured down. Once you are done with the finish removing process, rotate your scope, so it both perfectly horizontal and vertical on the practical.

Take your gun out of its securement and make sure that the scope is far enough forward that your eye is safe from your rifle’s recoil. If you think you have adequate space, it might be a good idea to move the scope another inch forward to be safe.

Now the fun part, putting your rifle back into securement and tighten all your screws down. Double check that all the slots rings and scope line up well and are in the correct position. Then other tightening screws front left then back right, front right and then back left and so on. It will ensure an even and secure fit.

Your scope is now mounted; the last step left is to make sure your bore sight has your perfect point of aim. Make sure to use the sight picture your use when firing your rifle so that your vertical and horizontal sight pictures line up.

You now know how to mount your rifle scope and are ready to go out and accurately ​sighting in a rifle. This usually takes anywhere from 3 to 80 paper testing rounds, take your time, and you will be rewarded with a rifle that performs well.

The Ultimate Optics Guide to Rifle Shooting


Being able to mount your scope and sight in your rifle will put you ahead of the game when you are aiming to achieve peak performance. Just remember every time you re-tighten or clean your sight, your optic will not be zeroed in for your sight picture, so you will have to repeat step 7 and get some range time! Happy learning how to mount a scope!

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