Types of Airsoft Guns

In military training, airsoft ​Guns are widely used because of their look and training features. For people like us, involving for some kind of battles with our friends and have a real war-type feel skyrockets our adrenaline level.

So, while you were younger, is there a particular game you always wanted to be part of but your protective parents thought it was just too dangerous for you?

When I turned 10, my dad finally thought I was old enough to join him in his late-night movie. As he liked combat movies, I developed an early taste for the powerful M16 and the long-range M14 sniper rifle. The two were my favorite.

Well, as much as overprotective parents find playing soldier life-threatening, most youngsters find this game incredibly irresistible. Airsoft-guns are precisely engineered to simulate real military experience-arguably the riskiest profession, while still keeping your adventurous teenager highly thrilled and safe.

Paintballs are also popular but airsoftguns are like real-deal. So, if you’re planning to arrange a battle with your friends for the first time, ​​airsoftoptics.com here to help you with the gun purchase. Without any delay, let’s get to know everything you need to choose the best pistol.

What is an Airsoft Gun?

In a nutshell, an airsoft gun is a replica of an actual gun specially designed for gaming purposes. It is carefully engineered to give your teenager son a real military experience safely.

At a glance, you may find it difficult to tell a replica gun from a real one, as some manufacturers use similar designs and molds as the real guns. Some gaming guns weigh nearly as their real-steel counterparts.

Necessary Information and Features of Airsoft Guns

A standard Airsoft-gun operates at a low velocity of about 170-550fps, firing light (0.12 to 0.45g), 6mm plastic round pellets– commonly referred to as “BBs.” Although painful, this low-velocity pellets cannot cause serious injury, which makes the whole sporting activity safe for your son.
As much as the pellet impact considered safe, a target shoot at the eye can cause severe pain, which, according to physicians, can result in secondary complications.

If you are an experienced gun handler, identifying an airsoft gun from the cash of real weapons would be easy. However, if you are a novice gunman, it would be a real hustle.

Above all, remember that it is a game, so there is no credit in sustaining multiple painful impact spots all over your body.
Wearing Special wearing unique cadet-like camouflages (bought together with the gun at an extra cost) or thick sweatshirts and pants would be an ideal pain saver.

Types of Airsoft Guns

There are many types of airsoft ​Guns but knowing only 4 types will serve your purpose.

    1. Battery-powered or automatic electric ​Guns: The most expensive type is the automatic pistols. A Nickel Cadmium battery powers the gun that loads and shoots for you. It’s trendy among expert shooters.
    2. ​Gas-powered ​Guns: Gas-powered guns use gas cartridges for the ability to shoot. For inefficiency, it is not the recommended type for a primary weapon of choice.
    3. Spring-powered ​Guns: This type has the highest control but lacks speed as you need to load after each shooting. It is ideal for practice and short-range shooting.
    4. Custom or Hybrid​ Guns: Hybrid guns have modern designs and better efficiency. You can forget about the disadvantages of AEGs and gas-powered pistols with this one in your hand.

1. Battery Powered Or Automatic Electric Airsoft Guns (AEG)

​This type of Airsoft gun is still quite expensive for an average shopper. A powered mighty nickel-cadmium battery powers this automatic replica gun enabling it to achieve incredibly high velocities and long ranges.

To fire, the nickel battery powers the motors, which transfer energy to a series of gears inside the gun. As the gears turn, they compress the piston making it release from the hook, projecting a powerful blast of air through the barrel at a very high velocity, which then propels the BB pellets past the gun barrel.

Electric Airsoft guns(AEG) are designed with fully automatic features, which significantly improves efficiency to an incredible 600 to 900 pellets per minute. Although a little bit pricey, automatic airsoft is a perfectly resilient and versatile gun to go in the field with. It’s worth the investment. A perfect example of an automatic replica would be BBTac BT-M82 Assault Rifle.

2. Gas Airsoft Guns

Arguably the most efficient of the replicas, the gas-powered gun is considered the next most popular after the automatic one.

If you are an intermediate​ gamer, this type of gun would be a perfect choice.

Despite its lower price, however, airsoft gun has proved to be a real game-changer. They are resilient, reliable and can operate for more extended hours without jamming.

There are several types of gas-powered guns, including the Gas-Blowback (GBB’s) but they all function using the same fundamental principle.
Gas-powered replicas utilize HFC-134a and green gas (Eco-friendly propane and polysilicate blend) to propel the BB’s pellets out of the barrel. Alternatively, CO2 red gas or nitrogen can be used. Because of their capacity to create recoil by utilizing the same firing gas, they have become a darling among most gamer.

Its semi-automatic design and easy has also made many users settle for this gun. An excellent example of a gas-powered replica would be the Lancer Tactical LT-25BL-G2.

3. Spring Airsoft Guns

This is another handy​ gun that most gamers have recently developed a taste for. These semi-automatic Spring-cocking guns are magazine-fed and have to be hand-cocked after every shot. They operate on a cock, fire, cock fire sequence which has proven to be cost-effective.
You may lose a few seconds before you make your second shot, however, but get compensated for with a precise sturdy shot.

If you are a novice airsoft gamer, this is an utterly beautiful gun as it comes at a relatively lower price range. In addition to its incredibly low price tag, spring-powered firearms are highly economical as they do not need a recharge or gas to fire.

This single type shotgun comes with a typical design, similar to that of classical airsoft guns, making it very easy to use and reload.

As much as ​spring ​pistols ​are durable and versatile, we would not recommend it for competition purposes.

As each shot needs a pullback, you would be in minutes, find yourself wholly out-flanked by​ gamer using superior automatic and semi-automatic guns.

An excellent example of a spring airsoft gun is the M14 Spring Airsoft Sniper Rifle.

4. Custom /Hybrid Airsoft Guns

Termed as an engineering marvel, custom​ or hybrid guns is a complete revolution to the airsoft gaming. This custom-made replica comes with a variety of features including; red laser sights, modified scopes, grenade launcher attachment and additional upgrades to boost rounds velocity and accuracy.

With almost unlimited efficiency, this gun comes with a higher price tag, so actors mostly use it. With incredible capabilities, these guns allow you to configure exact pellet velocity, loading time and velocity.
Custom​ guns come in a variety of types so you can quickly select one with your specifics.

The 445 fps js M4-system would be a perfect example of a custom airsoft gun.

Selecting the gun-type is an essential factor. If you’re planning to play in a forest-like environment, you should consider long-range pistols like snipers, DMRs, or something similar. The rate of fire is very slow but it’s necessary for long range shooting.

For shorter range, SMGs are the perfect types. These are highly efficient for targets inside 30 meters range. If you’re searching for something that has the advantages of short range shooting guns with further-reaching capability, you should consider carbines.

Does this mean you should buy whatever you want?

​​​Absolutely Not. The first parameter to decide if the level of your skill to handle this type of pistols. Then, you should know why you need it. Finally, explore different models from different brands of the specific type that you need and buy according to your budget.

What is Your Airsoft Skill Level?

For beginners

Many beginners consider very cheap airsoft pistols to start and get skilled. In a way, it’s logical but too cheap might only result in disappointment. That also doesn’t mean that you should buy high-end guns.

Buy a spring powered gun or an automatic gun with a low budget for some practicing. Note that these guys don’t lack features even though they are for beginners.

For mid-level users

Now, you have gained some experience with airsoft guns and you can look for something upgraded.

Our recommendation is you can go for green gas powered pistols. But if you still want some beginner level solution with some upgrades, you can buy a speedloader.

For experts

Experienced airsoft gun users are highly recommended for top quality guns. These guns are very accurate, much quicker, and reliable. You should keep an open mind and buy what’s only the best.

Look for the Airsoft Gun features that you need

For marketing purposes, manufacturers or resellers advertise guns with lots of jargon. But you shouldn’t get distracted and let them cloud your judgment. Here, we’ve listed the essential features that you need to consider while buying an airsoft gun.

The first one on our list is the FPS of a gun. FPS means feet per second. This value of an airsoft gun indicates how fast and how far the bullet will reach. Less FPS means less area and less accuracy. The FPS of a gun is limited to a level so that no one gets seriously injured.
​The second thing is the barrel length. Longer barrel length of your gun will give you more accuracy.
The third feature is to select the gearbox carefully. You can buy a plastic one or a metal one. 

A plastic gearbox can serve you just right and cost even less. But you should buy a metal gearbox which is the best.

​The fourth one is about the rail system of the gun. The accurate and stable rail system of your gun will help you install more accessories and use them with accuracy. The accessories might include optics, flashlights, foregrips, etc.

Some Bonus Tips

The tips that are shared here are from real-life experiences. So, take these suggestions seriously and act accordingly.

Are you planning for a battle? Know the area and how aggressive you are going to play. Buy an best airsoft pistol accordingly. Otherwise, you’ll end up with broken parts and pieces.
Regular gun maintaining is the key to the gun’s longevity. This is true for any mechanical device. The spring guns are bound to wear out no matter how well you maintain it. Replacement of springs can do the trick.
​Lubrication is vital for smooth operation. So, don’t forget to lubricate before the game time.
Although these are soft pallets, good quality airsoft guns can hurt a little. So, wear proper safety equipment. Sensitive areas like eyes must be covered with goggles.
Accuracy is something you can’t acquire with airsoft guns for long range shooting. So, don’t waste too much money on a gun that advertises long-range shooting.

Final Words

Now, you must know which questions to ask and how to answer them based on your situation. Knowing the right questions is the most important thing before you buy anything.

If we make a conclusion ruling out a particular model or a specific type of gun, it won’t be best for you.
The best solution is that we show you the path and you walk by yourself. Try to know your need and read ​our detailed expert reviews on the best airsoft pistols you can get under your budget. We promise that you’ll not lose the battle because of faulty guns or accessories.

– As much as they guarantee total safety, Please wear protective gear while using these replicas. So have you learned something new? Hit our comment box and let us know.

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