Do you need a night vision scope but can’t afford it?

Are you thinking of how you can get one? Then feel at home and have a seat. I will describe to you how you can make a night vision scope?

This article on 9-easy steps will help you. Read the article completely to know how to make a homemade night vision scope?

Do you have to work at night and having a problem to see through the dark? Then a best night vision scope is here to help you.

Night vision scope will cost you pretty much. Don’t worry, follow these instructions to determine how to make it at home. So, let’s see the following guidelines to know more.


9 Easy Steps to Follow to Know how to make a scope night vision

Read this content to know the instructions. Follow the following guidelines to make your scope night vision . Solve the legal issues if you have any with the local government. So, let’s discuss the steps in detail.

Step-1: Determine night vision scope’s working process

If you want to build a night vision scope, then first know how they perform. The night vision scope uses an electro-optical vacuum. This electro-optical vacuum’s other name is an image intensifier tube. The work of the vacuum tube is to collect incoming photons. With the help of the objective opening, it turns into a photocathode. Then those photons transform into the electron.

The next part of this working process is more interesting. Electrons are carrying through a micro-channel plate. Then it hits the phosphor screen and becomes the photons again. Generation-1 night vision scope is affordable in contrast to other generations. It has three Gen-1 tubes within one tube (3-stages).

Step-2: Collect all necessary equipment

The next step you should follow is to collect all the necessary tools. Gather all tools before you start the making of the night vision scope. The essential equipment includes:

  • One 3″ PVC tube,
  • 3″ PVC test caps
  • Primer plastics spray
  • One threaded plug of 1/4″
  • Duct tape (black)
  • Project box of ABS
  • One threaded adapter of 1/4″
  • Battery holder of 2-4 AA/AAA
  • Toggle switch
  • Adapter Ring
  • Paint sprayer
  • C-mount 50mm CCTV Objective Lens
  • Magnifying Loupe (25mm/ 75mm)
  • Laser sight with pressure switch (rifle scope) and
  • Rail mounts for rifle scope

Step-3: Order the tube and check after arrival

To collect the PVC tube, you have to order it from the retailer. Check out the hose if it works. You should choose between 3-6V DC to run the tube. It will glow if everything is perfect.

A threaded brass hole on the tube front is the positive terminal. Put a wire terminal in it by using a screw. You will see the ground terminal as a metal ring. The input window of the tube front contains the metal ring.

Step-4: Create the eyepiece

The next step is to make the eyepiece. The eyepiece is a vital element for night vision scope making. With the threaded plug and the threaded adapter, you can build the eyepiece. You also need duct tape, lens, and the tube end cap to make it.

Make a hole on the tube end cap that will fit your lens. Now thread the plug into the adapter through this hole. Take a look to make sure the lens fits well. With the help of the electrical tape, wrap the lens on the plug end. Wrap it until the lens stays in place on its own. Adjust the eyepiece with the adapter by using super glue.

Step-5: Make the Objective

Drill a hole on another end cap so that the thread can pass through it. Now glue the adapter ring on the end cap. Adjust your lens piece and complete the objective assembly. It is the most natural part of making the night vision scope.

Step-6: Power up your scope night vision

The next step is to power up your night vision scope. Make a hole in the project box as well as in the housing. It will help you to pass the wire to the batteries. Pass the wire through the housing into the project box. Now solder the negative terminal and screw the positive terminal. Now connect the cables with a battery and solder to a switch. Then keep them sealing within the project box.

Step-7: Paint the PVC plastic tube

The next step to build a scope night vision is to paint the tube. You can paint it with the color that you like. Painting the PVC tube is not easy. Follow the following instructions to get a satisfying result. You can wrap the threads to protect them from the paint. Be cautious while painting the tube ends.

Make sure there are no light leaking issues in the tube ends. Now let the primer dry thoroughly, then color your scope with your favorite one.

Step-8: Focus on the system

The next step of your night vision scope making is focus and shimmer. Wrap the tube end with duct tape until it fits perfectly on the PVC pipe. Now slide the objective lens into the PVC pipe. Adjust the lens to get a clear view. Make sure you did not do any damages to the photocathode or the phosphor screen. Screw the eyepiece and the lens from a specific distance. Make sure you can see the image.

Step-9: Choose the riflescope conversions

If you want to make it as the riflescope, then attach the bipod here you wish to mount the rifle. You can have a large size of rail mounts for the optics. Make sure the bipods are strong enough to support the heavyweight of the riflescope. Add a laser light sensor with the duct tape. It will help you to focus on the distance target.

Final thought:

We describe a step by step instruction on how to make a homemade night vision scope. Read our article on how to make a night vision scope? 9-easy steps. It will help you to grasp the entire concept in your mind.

With this help, you can easily make your night vision scope. It will surely meet your needs within your budget.

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