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Factors of Compact Spotting Scopes | Key Equipment

Compact Spotting Scopes

Compact spotting scopes don’t come cheap. Even average ones will make you fork out a couple of hundred dollars.So, wouldn’t it be frustrating to spend hundreds of bucks on a spotting scope only to discover out later that it doesn’t match your demands? Surely, it would be.Now, you don’t want things to reach that stage.What you […]

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A-Z Airsoft Spotting Scope Features | Advanced info 

airsoft Spotting Scope

​A spotting scope is a kind of portable high-power telescope especially for day-time use, which is smaller in size with added optics to present an erect image, whereas a telescope produces a reversed image or even an upside down image. A spotting scope is equipped with lower magnification instruments than a telescope. As well as, a […]

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How Do Holographic Sights Work – Aimpoint Holographic

The need to improve shooting accuracy was the primary challenge Aimpoint had faced since its inception in 1974. As we know, “necessity is the mother of invention” and the sole idea to create a sighting technology that would change the history of shooting was born. The technology allows you to have a clean shot of your […]

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Coyote hunting at night: Best night time Tips

Coyote hunting at night

Being a cunning and intelligent animal, a coyote has made it challenging to be hunted. Hunting coyotes at night are even much more difficult. Coyotes’s hunting is more exciting as compared to the hunting for any other animals because of their unique behavior.It’s, therefore, not surprising that most hunters have resolved to hunt the coyote […]

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How to Properly Mount A Rifle Scope

How to Mount A Rifle Scope

​​There is no need to pay a gunsmith to mount a scope; it is easy enough to do it yourself if you have the tools and time. Quick ​Tour What Does The Procedure Involve?Conclusion The most significant first step you can make is buying the right scope set-up for your rifle. Keep in mind that […]

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Red Dot and Reflex Sights for Airsoft – How Do They Work ?

There are particular vital things that you should learn about the new generation shooting advancements in both technology and skills. ​Quick Tour How does a reflex sight and a red dot sight work?When to use Red dot sight​?  When to use Reflex Sight?​Conclusion and recommendations Focusing on acquiring clear shots and perfect target aims, firearms […]

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How To Sight In A Rifle Scope – A Simple Guide

​Anybody interested in shooting accurately from a long distance needs to have a rifle scope. When it comes to how to sight in a rifle scope, there are a few things you should keep in mind. While there is some technical knowledge required for this, by following a few simple steps you should have no […]

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Holographic Sight for Airsoft

Holographic sights have become part and parcel for tactical operators, hunters, and sportsmen for quite some time. Their superiority is second to none when it comes to consistent aiming platform. You need not waste your time and energy struggling to get a clean shot of your target. With the ability to acquire an instant target, the […]

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How To Aim Properly With A Compound Bow

aim compound bow

Compound bows are popularly used in target practice and hunting. A compound bow is a bow that uses a levering mechanism, which is usually made up of pulleys and cables, to provide the user with a mechanical advantage while bending the limbs. Therefore, they can be significantly stiffer and as a result, exert more force […]

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How To Zero A Scope Without Firing | Fast & Easy Steps

Zeroing in scope is important because it aligns the aiming point with the point of impact. This ensures maximum accuracy. Without adequately zeroing in a scope, the impact point of the bullets will not hit the intended target.  Most of the newer scopes that are produced are much easier to zero in than their older counterparts, […]

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