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Why Does a Shooter Want a Primary Arms Micro Red Dot Sight?

Every shooter needs a sight that is highly reliable to ensure that they hit their target even under some extreme conditions such as severe weather. Consequently, the Primary Arms red dot sight is designed to be a shooter’s must-have. This Primary Arms micro dot review is a description of what the sight has to offer […]

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How to Properly Mount A Rifle Scope

How to Mount A Rifle Scope

​​There is no need to pay a gunsmith to mount a scope; it is easy enough to do it yourself if you have the tools and time. Quick ​Tour What Does The Procedure Involve?Conclusion The most significant first step you can make is buying the right scope set-up for your rifle. Keep in mind that […]

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How To Sight In A Rifle Scope – A Simple Guide

​Anybody interested in shooting accurately from a long distance needs to have a rifle scope. When it comes to how to sight in a rifle scope, there are a few things you should keep in mind. While there is some technical knowledge required for this, by following a few simple steps you should have no […]

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How To Zero A Scope Without Firing | Fast & Easy Steps

Zeroing in scope is important because it aligns the aiming point with the point of impact. This ensures maximum accuracy. Without adequately zeroing in a scope, the impact point of the bullets will not hit the intended target.  Most of the newer scopes that are produced are much easier to zero in than their older counterparts, […]

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